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One stop Solution Provider for anything & everything related to engagement and recreation.

One Stop B2B & B2C platform to make your next purchase of amazing recreational & engagement equipments from a variety of gaming options, as we are committed to bring the most trending & unique gaming options with best in class quality from the global platform.

Get amazed! You are not just getting warranty on our quality products which is also missing in the current market, but also the complete range of supplies, spares & after sales door step service support options for all our listed games. We are the first and the only platform to bring such solutions in the leisure gaming industry. So your products will have longer life span and your investments will have better returns with complete peace of mind.

We being experienced player for almost a decade understand all kinds of challenges faced. Hence, our production is performed in specified approach given by our technical experts to ensure justified lifespan of each product.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Safe & Hassle Free

The AMC Service from ADAEXPERIENCE ensures that the customer can focus entirely on his core business while leaving maintenance & safety related to games to the experts at ADAEXPERIENCE.

Flexible Plans

AMC or Annual Maintenance Contract is a facility provided to all buyer FIRST TIME IN INDIA OR UAE, in wherein ADAEXPERIENCE provides maintenance and repair services to the customer at their On-Site or Authorised Service outlets. Under the AMC scheme the customer has the option to choose from various AMC packages. The coverage specified in each of the AMC packages may vary from a comprehensive AMC package to coverage of only scheduled services or only labor.

Recreation Club

Engagement & Management Solutions

ADA WORLDWIDE brings you the commitment to provide a holistic approach and valued service to all our esteemed clients.

Be Organized & Have Successful Approach

To provide an organized and successful approach it is important to have trained & efficient staff who are responsible to plan, organize, promote, provide and develop Recreational and Engagement Solutions in an effective manner. We can bring varied engagement solutions from all the walks of life and undertake the responsibility to research and develop the recreational environment basis the feedback taken from the users and hence, improvise quality of user experience and deliver customer delight.

All About Recreation Club